Magnussen crashes in FP2 | 2015 Australian Grand Prix – Free Practice 2

Mercedes led the way again in FP2 ahead of the Australian GP in Melbourne, but a crash for Kevin Magnussen at Turn 6 was the main focal point of the session.

The Dane, deputising this weekend for the recovering Fernando Alonso, took too much speed into Turn 6, lost the rear end, and careened into the wall after a jaunt through the gravel. He was unhurt, but his car was not so fortunate, and with a broken front-left corner, he was out of the session.

It brought the red flag out for the first time this season, but when the session was resumed, the drama did not stop.

After so much turbulence in the run up to the weekend, Sauber needed to get some time on the board after neither driver ran in FP1. However, this was not to be the case.

Marcus Ericsson exited the final corner with 40 minutes gone, but the car reacted strangely, and the left-rear suspension broke. The Swede was unfortunate enough to have to complete an entire lap in this condition, during which the tyre began rubbing violently against the bodywork, creating a large amount of smoke.

Ferrari showed some impressive pace on the medium tyre before switching to the soft, the latter of which was the tyre that everyone set their best lap on.

Jenson Button managed better running that in the first session, but reported a loss of power late on. Couple that with blue flags for apparently being too slow in front of Valtteri Bottas

Felipe Massa was unable to get out in FP2 due to a water leak. He was joined in the ‘no running club’ by Daniel Ricciardo who had an engine change, and both Manor drivers.

Times from Practice 2

1) Rosberg, Mercedes, 1.27.697 (29 Laps)
2) Hamilton, Mercedes, 1.27.797 (25 Laps)
3) Vettel, Ferrari, 1.28.412 (33 Laps)
4) Raikkonen, Ferrari, 1.28.842 (33 Laps)
5) Bottas, Williams, 1.29.265 (32 Laps)
6) Kvyat, Red Bull, Kvyat, 1.30.016 (27 Laps)
7) Sainz Jr, Toro Rosso, 1.30.071 (41 Laps)
8) Maldonado, Lotus, 1.30.104 (11 Laps)
9) Grosjean, Lotus, 1.30.205 (37 Laps)
10) Hulkenberg, Force India, 1.30.473 (30 Laps)
11) Nasr, Sauber, 1.30.755 (33 Laps)
12) Perez, Force India, 1.30.980 (32 Laps)
13) Button, McLaren, 1.31.387 (21 Laps)
14) Verstappen, Toro Rosso, 1.31.395 (6 Laps)
15) Ericsson, Sauber, 1.32.303 (14 Laps)
16) Magnussen, McLaren, 1.33.289 (4 Laps)

– No Time –

Ricciardo, Red Bull
Massa, Williams
Stevens, Manor
Merhi, Manor


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