Black is the New Orange | Force India Launches its 2015 car

The first glimpses of 2015’s Formula 1 Line-up was seen today , and has revealed to us that phallic noses are gone…nearly. Instead, smaller protrusions look set to replace the long finger additions seen on most of the grid last year.

In a ‘Livery Launch’ today in Mexico City, Force India flaunted its new challenger, the VJM08. The car bares virtually no resemblance to its predecessors, sporting a mostly black car, with some chunks of pale silver, and a smattering of orange.


The team did use a black car for the first time in 2014, but with glowing orange sidepods. Those are now white, with orange reserved for the main element of the rear wing, and some slender streaks running down from the back of the car to contours of the nose.

It’s a shame to see the colour go, really. In past iterations, their cars have been adorned with orange, green and at the very beginning, a rather fetching blood red. In fact, according to this here graph I done and made, it’s the team’s least-colourful car to date:

OrangeChartAs you can tell from the Official Sahara Force India Orangeometer Index*, the car dips below the level set by their very first car in 2008, the VJM01, which used a dark orange accent on its sidepods and winglets. The Auburn hues peaked in 2011 when Sutil and di Resta were at the reigns, and has slowly declined since then. Check out a photo gallery my chums at Badger GP, looking at the team’s aesthetic history.

*Not even slightly endorsed by Sahara Force India F1 team.


Despite the lack of the world’s most glorious colour, the car looks excellent. It’s almost reminiscent of an old ‘West’ sponsored McLaren – quite appropriate really, as the two teams have been on-track adversaries for the last two years, both times McLaren narrowly beating the Indian outfit to 5th place in the Constructors’ Championship.

The team’s ambitions are to continue this, and even improve on it:

“We hope the 2015 challenger will really prove its worth in competing with the big boys of F1 when we start the European season. We are lucky to have two exceptional drivers who will hopefully steer the Sahara Force India challenger to the front of the grid, and hopefully a few podiums during the current year.”
– Vijay Mallaya, Team Principal [Source: ESPN]
The team have also taken over Toyota’s old wind tunnel facility in Cologne, one of the best in the world.



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