Driver replacing for China Racing

Antonio Garcia is to replace China Racing’s Ho-Pin Tung for the Uruguayan ePrix in Punta del Este, and presumably the rest of the season.

Garcia – of Spain – has enjoyed a trio of wins in the historic 24 hours of Le Mans, in the GT1 category (2008, 2009) and GTE-Pro (2011) and will partner Nelsinho Piquet, China Racing’s other, more permanent driver.

Since then, he has partnered Jordan Taylor, and Jan Magnusson (father of Kevin) with whom he scored a second-place in 2014’s event.

Tung is the only Chinese driver in the series currently, driving for a Chinese-backed team. Unfortunately for Ting, the People’s Republic has not embraced their population’s potential to vote for him in the Fanboost competition, where three drivers are awarded the use of extra energy three times during the race.

Team China Racing, Formula E car on Westminster Bridge
Tung must unfortunately vacate the handsome-looking China racing car.


It was thought that China’s insurmountable headcount of almost 1.4 billion would aid their man towards extra power, but so far this has not been the case, with Katherine Legge (x2), Bruno Senna (x2), Lucas do Grassi and Nick Heidfeld the only recipients of it so far.

Tung has failed thus far to score any points, racing to a lowly 16th – and last – place at his home ePrix in Beijing. He finished just outside of the points in Malaysia’s event in 11th place.


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