The circle of Lime

Like Cheesecake? You’ll love this simple little beauty!

I present to you: Key lime Pie.

My pie is a little unconventional in that I used regular Persian Limes instead of the eponymous Key Limes, and there is no cream/meringue topping. But still, it was delicious, and easy to make.


Cheesecake is a glorious coming together of a buttery biscuit base (You have no idea how hard it is to not sing whenever I write that), a cream cheese-based fondant, and usually (but not necessarily) some sort of fruit topping. This one is a little different, in that the fondant goo is flavoured with with the titular citrus goodness, and you actually shove the dessert in the oven. Boy is it tasty!


300g/ 1 pack of digestive biscuits (we used Hobnobs, amazing choice)
3 egg yolks (chuck the whites in a bowl and use it for a very healthy omelette! Or, make a meringue topping with some sugar)
400g/ 1 tin Condensed milk
4 limes
300g/ 1 pot Double cream

The biscuit base was first. I left that to my Paramour, Iona, as she has a keen eye for violence. She bashed those bickies up good and proper, before melting the butter in a pan. Then, when the HobNobs were suitably annihilated, she added them to the pan. We then lined the tin with the biscuit-butter concoction, and put it in the oven alone to set it a bit.


Next, condensed milk! This stuff is like goo. It’s still dairy, but it’s thicker than cream and ridiculously sweet. It’s essentially a Type 2 Diabetes grenade.

I somehow managed to separate eggs without too much hassle, which is rare for me, as I usually make a right mess of such an activity. I’ve never actually had to separate eggs before, although I have seen it on MasterChef, so I just used the egg shells to hold on to the yolks. Yolks are a lot of fun to poke on their own, and they look pretty funny without the white surrounding it too.

Anywho, ovular fascination aside, the yolks were beaten and chucked into the condensed milk, and what a sight they created:



It didn’t really matter though, because next job was to whisk that goop up in to a nice, paste-like consistency, ready for the flavour to be added.

Here’s an action shot of that occurring.


The flavour of course is lime, so we zested and juiced four regular sized limes, and chucked it all in.

WP_20140606_011Lime added, a final whisk was required before tipping the limey-milk (yes, that is actually a thing now) in to the now fully baked base. I used a silicon baking case because it allows for a much easier removal of the pie, and limits breakage of the biscuit case. Inevitably, some crumbling occurred, but since it is a ‘crust’ made of biscuits, it was basically a recycled HobNob.

Voila! A rustic-looking, home made, unconventional, anglicised version of a Floridan beauty.


For best results, let cool; insert in mouth.


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