Ultraviolet Badminton a success

Eastbourne Campus this week held a special glow-in-the-dark version of its usual Thursday-night Badminton Parklife session.

The event – organised by Sport Brighton – was the second of its kind, with a similar event occurring earlier this year. The glowing effect was established with several Ultraviolet (UV) lamps set around the courts, and the main lights in the hall turned off.

Fluorescent shuttlecocks and court-defining tape meant that despite the dark environment, it was still very much possible to have a decent game of badminton.

The striking purple hues were the only light source in the sports hall.

As well as five courts for Badminton, there were two glow in the dark table tennis tables, and a speaker system playing music to make it a more social occasion.

One of the Parklife ‘Activators’ Hayley Moore was impressed with the participation, and hopes to replicate the event in the future. She commented:

“We rented the lights last time we did this, but we own them now, so we’re planning to put on a glow-in-the-dark session once per term. Dates are yet to be announce, but watch this space!”

Hayley Moore and Ben Perry run the regular sessions every week at Hillbrow Sports Centre. After being asked about participants, Perry said:

“The attendance was probably close to, if not the best we have ever seen, with well over 40 people turning up.”

Being in the dark does add a slight element of danger to the sport, but its non-contact nature makes it a fairly small one. He continued:

“Traditionally, badminton is played in good light so i was slightly concerned about the general safety of the evening. However, a few minutes into my first match, I realised there was nothing to worry about, and had a lot of fun.”

Having played in the session myself, I have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Badminton is a lot of fun on its own, and the added spectacle of fluorescent orange shuttles flying through the blackness increases that fun just that much more.

Here’s to the next one!


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