Ferrari and Sauber’s cars unmasked


Two Ferrari-powered cars have been the second and third teams to officially launch their vehicles for the 2014 season, one being the works Ferrari, the other, from Sauber.

The Scuderia whipped the tarps off their new Scarlet machine on Saturday, January 25 in a presentation at Maranello. The car’s name appears to spell the word ‘FIAT’, the name of their parent company, but the actual moniker, F14 T pertains to the year, and the ‘T’ stands for Turbo. The car’s name was chosen by fans in an online poll, and narrowly beat ‘F166’ as the winning title.

The car will be driver by the only duo of World Champions on the grid in the same team together; Kimi Raikkonen will use number 7, and Fernando Alonso number 14.

The car keeps the traditional Ferrari red that has been in use since 1996 when Marlboro first added their name to the car (before then it was a darker red known as Corsa Rossa) and includes patches of black on the lower half of the car, which arches up towards the back.


As with all the car pictures released so far, the car’s nose has been subject of interest. The much lower noses have caused some less-than perfect looking racing machines this week, in particular McLaren’s MP4-29 but the car from Italy has a more svelte and sophisticated look than many of its contemporaries. However, aesthetic superiority is never a guarantee of success in F1 and the sheer drop in the nose is not necessarily any better or worse than the cars we have seen before.

Fernando is well aware that he has not won the title since 2006, but hopes that maybe history will repeat itself here:

“Obviously Schumacher won his first title with Ferrari in his fifth year, and this is my fifth year with the team, so hopefully I can have some of that success too. We had many opportunities, especially in 2010 and 2012, where we were very close, so maybe we can do it again. [Source: YouTube]

The first test in Jerez begins on January 28, so for now, there is just time to reflect on the red machine which I have personally fallen in love with. it’s absolutely gorgeous.


Sauber also revealed their 2014 Car, on Sunday January 26. The car is very similar in appearance to its predecessor, the C32. This one, named sequentially after it, the C33, is a dark grey machine with a few white and minimal red accents. The nose has not been shown in a front-on aspect yet, so it could be that this car has an overhanging protrusion much like the McLaren and Williams cars seen.

For now though, it appears to have a much more conventional appearance.

Sauber F1 Team C33 Press

The car will be powered by the same engine as the car above, the Ferrari. The engine will also be supplying the Marussia team in their first non-Cosworth iteration.

Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez are the team’s drivers for 2014, with Gutierrez being retained for a second year in a row, and Sutil making a straight swap with Nico Hulkenberg, who has replaced him at Force India. Geido van der Garde, who was dropped by Caterham earlier this week, will step in as Reserve driver.

Gutierrez, who had a troubled first year driving for the team, had this to say:

“Last season I had a steep learning curve, but working together with the team, I was able to make steady progress. This is my fourth year with the Swiss team, and the second as a racing driver. Last year I learnt a great deal and I feel ready for the next step. The 2014 season will be a huge challenge on the technical front, which makes it all the more important to know the people you work with well. I will do everything I can to improve further and to support the team with all the resources I have.” [Source: Sky Sports]

Sutil will drive with number 99 on his car, while Gutierrez will use number 21.

Charlie Eustice


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