McLaren launch 2014 Car


McLaren today launched their challenger for the 2014 season – The MP4-29. The car was unveiled at the team’s Technology Centre in Woking, along with their new team lineup of Jenson Button, Kevin Magnussen and Stoffel Vandoorne. Button, who sadly lost his father two weeks ago, was seen looking happy and determined.

In an interview, Button said ”
“I’d rather not talk about my private life right now.
It’s been very up and down but actually I am looking forward to the season now. I’m excited about the challenge.
I’m looking forward to a year in which I’m going to put everything into the sport and leave nothing on the table.”
[Source: The Mirror]

The car, still yet to receive its title sponsor, is a mostly silver machine, resembling very much the Mercedes cars of late. This is owing to the withdrawal of the sponsor Vodafone, which has removed the red accents from the car. The rear and front wings are a complimentary black, and despite the rather blank body, it looks good, and a bit like the old West-sponsored McLarens of the late 90s and early 00s.

McLaren-Mercedes-MP4-29-2One aspect of the car’s appearance is extremely noticeable, though. That would be the car’s proboscis-style protruding nose.

Cast your mind back to 2004, when Williams adopted the ‘Walrus Nose’ front wing assembly. It’s a bit like that, but with an added phallus on the front.

In the picture below, I’ve compared the 2004 Williams FW25 and the McLaren, adding the McLaren’s protrusion to show how similar they are.


The nose style has also been seen on the Williams FW36 and Lotus E22 in promotional renders, but their cars have not been officially released. The Lotus car actually employs two of these protrusions. [Story to come]


Eric Boullier has left the Enstone team, to be replaced by Gerard Lopez, the founder of Genii Capital, one of the team’s sponsors. Boullier has led the team since 2010 and saw two wins for the team.

Raikkonen and Boullier’s departures have left large chinks in the Lotus armor, and the team are clearly not happy about this, as signaled by some rather irked Tweets from their Twitter account:


Bad sportsmanship aside, it appears that Lotus are throwing down the gauntlet to McLaren for the rest of the year.

Charlie Eustice


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