A time for change

At long last, my Formula One blog makes its overdue arrival onto WordPress from Blogspot.

With it comes a few changes:

The name has been changed from ‘Eusless Information’ to ‘Eusful Information’, the former moniker didn’t really provide a self-reassurance for my own knowledge. To those of you just joining us (literally everyone, my blog had basically no regular viewers) my last name is Eustice which provides ample space for self-taunting puns.

Furthermore, on my old blog I posted Practice, Qualifying, News and Race stories in whole, gargantuan columns, which were not only painfully lengthy to read (although pretty pictures did help!) they fell foul to the infamous internet slur ‘TL;DR’ and were generally not in an organised fashion.

Here’s what you can expect from my shiny new blog:

‘Qualifying Report’ – an account of Practice sessions and Qualifying from Friday and Saturday.

‘Race Day’ – a detailed walkthrough of the race, including notable incidents and overtakes.
In a change to my old format, I will be writing the race winner in the first few lines.

‘News’ – a round up of driver changes and gossip, in between race weekends.

‘Personal’  – a mix of rants, opinions and other non-F1 related things.

It’s nice to finally be here.


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