The days of Yore | 2009 Australian Grand Prix


If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I first got into this whole ‘writing about F1’ business back in 2012. But before then, when puberty was a dormant revolution waiting to transform me into the dashing young chap I am today, and before F1 cars got neutered, I didn’t even consider the concept of a blog.

At the time, I was 15, and a member of a website called ‘Swapitshop Forum’, which was a forum (you guessed it!) based on a site that’s a bit like eBay for people who don’t want to use real money.

The forum had section dedicated to that site, but also to things like gaming, chat, relationships and most importantly to me, sports. I took it upon myself to be the site’s F1 guy, and for a brief time, I posted a few small race reports in the sports section.

Barrichello pushes the BGP_001 in the first pre-season test in Barcelona
Barrichello pushes the BGP_001 in the second pre-season test in Barcelona, February 2009.

Below, the writing that I could find on my very first laptop is shown in its original state, although altered to fit my site’s theme.

It’s not world-beating sportswriting by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it’s interesting to gauge how my style has changed over the years. This is pretty much the VERY first thing I wrote. It’s a shame I didn’t consider the feasibility of writing about F1 for another three and a half years thereafter, but the ball is rolling now!

On March 29th, 2009, Charlie Eustice wrote:


Britain’s Jenson Button drove a flawless race to score Brawn GP’s first win on their debut. Teammate Rubens Barrichello supported the Brit in second despite a first lap collision which demoted him to 7th.

Toyota’s Jarno Trulli also had a fantastic race, taking bottom step on the podium, in spite of the fact that he started 20th from the pit lane. Colleague Timo Glock also showed his overtaking skills as he too started from the pitlane, ending up 5th.

World champion Lewis Hamilton also scored solid points finishing 4th after a horror qualifying session, battling through the pack and dodging two accidents to get there. The same could not be said for teammate Heikki Kovalainen, after Barrichello’s first corner chain reaction crumples his suspension, forcing a retirement. The revolution of practice, Nico Rosberg performed well although his performance slumped when he was forced to use soft tires.

Two safety car periods didn’t stop Button from leading the whole race, and putting Brawn GP in the history books. Very well done Jenson. Catch the replay at 1pm on BBC 1! It was a fantastic race and well worth getting up at 6am.

Lap leaders
J Button 1-58

H Kovalainen lap 1 (suspension)
K Nakajima lap 18 (contact with wall)
F Massa lap 32 (Suspension Damage)
K Raikkonen lap 32 (Differential)
S Vettel lap 54 (collision)
R Kubica lap 54 (collision)


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